Sales Germany collects for help alliance

The participants of the major kick-off event of D/A/CH Sales “X-Change” in Seeheim have collected over 12,000 euros for help alliance. Jürgen Siebenrock, Vice President of Sales Home Markets & Global Key Account Management handed the cheque over to help alliance Managing Director Joachim Steinbach. The amount raised was achieved through the sale of raffle tickets.

“Help alliance is our natural partner when it comes to helping people. It is always a great pleasure for us to do our part,” said Siebenrock, who was already a great supporter of the charity in his role as NYC EA.


The fundraising campaign has a long tradition. Introduced by Siebenrock’s predecessor Uwe Müller, support for the charity will also continue under the new boss on the part of FRA HX/D. “Our staff want to be involved,” according to Siebenrock.

For around three years now, help alliance has been committed to numerous projects in Germany, in order to support young people in particular to find their way around in a foreign country and to become integrated. The focus is on language and (further) education support. Employees of the Lufthansa Group accompany these people on a voluntary basis in all integration projects, be it by means of a learning or cultural sponsorship, as a mentor, or in dealing with the authorities.