Behind each of our projects are people who make them successful. Since the foundation of help alliance, every project is supervised by a volunteer project coordinator. Together with help alliance and competent local partners, they take responsibility for ensuring that the project work has a positive impact on the beneficiaries and contributes to sustainable development.


Career Prospects for Returnees

Since 2019, unemployed young people and returned migrants have been finding new perspectives for an independent future through an apprenticeship in agriculture.

A safe home for traumatized children

The children’s home Hogar Maria Luisa takes care of children who have been in danger and offers them a home where they feel safe to develop their full potential and prepare them for their future.

Digital reading assistance

In this project for digital reading assistance, the reading and language skills of children and young people are supported through innovative approaches. The fun of reading and the good feeling that someone outside the family is taking time alone for the child are conveyed in a playful way.

Get into learning with dancing

Dancing is not only fun and looks good, but is also suitable for young people with flight and migration experience to overcome their traumas. Through this project, the foundation is laid for children and young people to move forward into a positive future.

Youth development in Accra

In Accra’s poorer neighborhoods, there are hardly any after-school learning opportunities for children and people with disabilities. The newly built youth center is therefore a safe place where they can receive care, tutoring and medical attention.

Running for more self-confidence

Outdoor activities are not only good for physical exercise, but also offer women and girls the opportunity to develop their skills and competencies. In this way, they gain more self-confidence and contribute to positive change in a war-torn society.

South Africa
Sustainable sanitary pads create jobs

The “WEpads” project aims to give more women and girls access to feminine hygiene products, offering self-produced menstrual pads that cost a maximum of ZAR 1 (EUR 0.06). The production and sale of the pads creates jobs for previously unemployed women from the township.

School garden for a healthy future

By establishing a large school garden, not only will children be provided with healthy food, but disadvantaged young people will also be trained to lead self-determined lives.

More participation for young people in Milan

Our project aims to make children and young people aware of their abilities, potential and skills, and to help them develop their talents so that they can consciously choose and shape their future.

Nigeria und Cameroon
Career orientation for young adults

This project aims to help young adults, especially young women, to learn skills that will help them provide a quality service to their society in order to generate sustainable income. The project works to close the gap between education and employability of young people in Cameroon and Nigeria.

Therapy center for children with disabilities

The Therapy Center provides educational services, individual health care and social support to children with disabilities and special needs and their families.

Dancing creates self-confidence

The local organization has been doing social youth work for more than 30 years in order to prepare children and adolescents for life by offering a wide range of educational opportunities but also, for example, by providing therapy for violent trauma.