Behind each of our projects are people who make them successful. Since the foundation of help alliance, every project is supervised by a volunteer project coordinator. Together with help alliance and competent local partners, they take responsibility for ensuring that the project work has a positive impact on the beneficiaries and contributes to sustainable development. The two main focal points of the work are “Quality education for all” and “Creating job prospects”. However, many of the projects also cover other priorities from the areas of: Nutrition, Health, Environmental Protection, Equality, Inclusion, Integration and Abolish Child Labor.

Quality education for all

Education is a human right and the key to a self-determined life. We are firmly committed to ensuring that disadvantaged children and young people worldwide receive high-quality education. This includes school and preschool education, but also support in extracurricular activities.

Creating career prospects

We are convinced that a good vocational training is the basis for a successful professional life. In many project countries, however, there is no state-organized training system. We therefore support young people with high-quality education and training opportunities and provide them with mentors.




School of the future, Arusha region

The project region Arusha is located in northeastern Tanzania. Here, a large number of children live in difficult and poverty-stricken conditions. In order to help these children and at the same time to develop the community as a whole, we want to build an innovative school center with a special focus on sustainability, environmental protection and integration.

Entrepreneurship Program, Masaka

To counteract the difficult labor market situation in Uganda, teachers are being trained at 12 secondary schools to introduce young people to entrepreneurship, develop product ideas with them and support them in setting up businesses.

Dominican republic
Lilis School, Puerto Plata

In 1992, Florencia “Dona Lili” Bonilla founded the Colegio Enriquillo in a poor suburb of Puerto Plata with the goal of providing the children living there with access to a quality education that would pave the way for them to receive a university scholarship. The school building of “Lilis School” has become dilapidated over the years and no longer meets the requirements of the government for a private school.

Holistic School, Krishnapuram

Access to education is particularly difficult for traumatized children, who are often limited in their cognitive development because their experiences impair their development and make it difficult for them to learn and concentrate. These children find the support they need at Peniel English Higher Primary School. Through specially tailored educational programs, they are not only accompanied on their educational path, but are also supported holistically.

Emergency Aid Syria

Due to the earthquake on February 6, 2023, families in the northern Syrian refugee camps lost what little they had left after fleeing other parts of the country. Their tents, mattresses, blankets and small stoves were destroyed in the earthquake, their tents collapsed over their heads. Blankets and mattresses lay unprotected in the snow for hours and soaked up dirty water.
Nine tent schools of our partner organization were also destroyed.

Plastic collectors, Costa Maya

In the past 20 years, coastal pollution in southern Mexico has increased dramatically. Plastic waste washes up on the beaches every day, severely affecting flora and fauna. At the same time, overfishing of the oceans is contributing to an ever-decreasing income for local fishermen in the region.

Brainfood, Katutura

The project in the former township of Katutura combats two core problems: malnutrition and the resulting difficult learning conditions for children and young people.

South Africa
Surf Therapy, Cape Town

Statistically, each child in the township experiences an average of eight traumatic events per year. Also at iThemba Primary School we can observe again and again that many children are inhibited in their development by traumatic experiences and need special support to process these experiences.

Training Center, Ballingho

Since 2019, unemployed young people and returned migrants have been finding new perspectives for an independent future through an apprenticeship in agriculture. The goal of the project is long-term financial independence from subsidies. To this end, the project is to be expanded in 2023.

Learning Center, Pattaya

The comprehensive child protection programme offers street children a point of contact, a safe place to stay, regular and balanced meals, medical care, clothing and help in processing their traumas.

Safe Home, Buenos Aires

The children’s home Hogar Maria Luisa takes care of children who have been in danger and offers them a home where they feel safe to develop their full potential and prepare them for their future.

Digital reading assistance, Offenbach

In this project for digital reading assistance, the reading and language skills of children and young people are supported through innovative approaches. The fun of reading and the good feeling that someone outside the family is taking time alone for the child are conveyed in a playful way.