Edelweiss employees put the finishing touches on the pre-school in Sri Lanka

16 Edelweiss Air employees complete renovation of the pre-school of the help alliance project in Tangalle

The renovation of the Frangipani Preschool Center, which has been part of the help alliance since 2019, was successfully completed thanks to the help of volunteers. In the preschool, which was already built after the tsunami in 2004, a total of 170 children in two age groups are looked after by ten teachers. The educational institution in the south of the country was founded with the aim of providing children with early childhood education. Especially in the rural areas of Sri Lanka, this is often not the case, as only a few children have access to a pre-school.

In order to be able to guarantee the safe operation of the preschool in the future, renovation work on the roof, doors, walls and sanitary facilities became necessary in the summer of 2019. Initial renovation work was carried out by local craftsmen. The final touches were added by pilots, cabin crew members and ground staff of the Swiss airline Edelweiss Air. With the support of a local artist, they painted the walls of the kindergarten together with the aim of teaching the children animals, numbers, letters and means of transport in a playful way. 

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