A Christmas gift for Ghana

LVK trainees distribute self-made cookies in the LAC and collect 2715 Euro for a help alliance project

On the last weekend in November, 33 apprentices from the classes L16 and L17 diligently baked cookies. To be more precise, countless biscuits and over 500 small packages were made out of 20 kg of flour, 10 kg of butter, 13 kg of sugar and many other ingredients. The trainees then distributed them on 29 November in the LAC and aroused great enthusiasm among many colleagues. The work definitely paid off: in the end, donations of 2715 euros were raised.

And what are the donations for? For the help alliance project “Kinderparadise”, which supports needy children in Ghana. The project ensures regular meals, school education and medical care for the children.

A big thank you goes to the L16 class for the active support with baking and to all colleagues who donated so generously.


More Information about the Project you will find here…