200.000 kilometres for the help alliance

On the 16th December nine Lufthansa employees cycled from Raunheim to the Lufthansa Aviation Center in Frankfurt and handed over the cheque to the help alliance

Getting started together, getting in shape, strengthening the team spirit and at the same time collecting donations for the help alliance.

Lufthansa Systems employees around the world have collected kilometers by cycling, jogging or walking. With the help of an app, the participants tracked their route. Together, they covered more than 200,000 kilometers and burned 9 million calories in the process.

The management of Lufthansa Systems converted each kilometer into 10 cents in donations. The campaign started on January 1, 2019 and ended with the presentation of the check in December 2019. On December 16, a group of cyclists rode the check for EUR 20,000 from Raunheim to LAC and handed it over to Andrea Pernkopf, Managing Director of the help alliance. The cyclists Bernd Jurisch, Christoph Krüger, Tim Dülken, Kai-Uwe Giszas, Viktor Lepp, Sabine Schwenninger, Andreas Medlhammer and Luca Ros from Zurich, and Magdalena Niedzwiadek from Gdansk cycled. Björn Jahncke and Anita Fedorowicz were present at the LAC.

The Active 4 help alliance initiatve on video