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In the help alliance aid project “Destination Bildungschancen” of the Chancenwerk e.V. in Düsseldorf, older people help the younger ones to exploit their potential

Halima’s scores have improved and massively. In mathematics from 4 to 2 and in German from 4 to a 3. Not only her mother is very proud of this, but also she herself. Halima regularly visits the Chancenwerk after regular lessons and receives help with things that simply cannot be clarified during normal school hours. Here you can find, among other things, Fahrhat. He’s one of the tutors. He himself has only been living in Germany for three years and began his career as a regular student at Chancenwerk.

“With the Chancenwerk, we can create a place for many children where they can ask their very own questions regardless of the pressure to perform. Because at Chancenwerk there are no wrong or stupid questions. Here everyone can be him or herself,” says Marwa Mohamad, educational coordinator of Chancenwerk e.V. for Duisburg, Essen and Düsseldorf.



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The “Destination Bildungschancen” project, implemented by the non-profit organisation Chancenwerk e.V., benefits pupils whose families are unable to help them learn for financial, time or language reasons. At the three Düsseldorf schools Dieter-Forte-Gesamtschule, Realschule Benrath and Freiherr-vom-Stein Realschule, pupils are supported by older pupils and students. Currently, 66 pupils and six students are taking part in the programme. The children and tutors meet regularly in the premises of the respective school. In addition to former “Chancenwerkern”, teacher trainee teachers are also involved as tutors. Here they learn for their future teaching profession first hand what it means to teach someone something. Currently, help alliance is promoting the concept at three Düsseldorf schools.

help alliance supports Chancenwerk e.V. with 121,200 euros

About a week ago, Andrea Pernkopf, managing director of the help alliance, and Eurowings and Lufthansa project managers Gaby Drawe and Imke Schepers presented a donation cheque of 121,200 euros to the Chancenwerk in order to be able to continue their successful learning support for disadvantaged children. Lufthansa Group employees from the Düsseldorf area are also personally committed to Chancenwerk. This year again, three leisure activities (including a visit to the airport and an aircraft tour) will be offered for the Chancenwerk students. These excursions are actively supported by a total of six Lufthansa employees in Düsseldorf – colleagues from the Passagevertrieb, the station and Eurowings across all business areas.

“We want to help create perspectives for children and young people. The Düsseldorf learning project, which we have been supporting for several years now, makes an important contribution to this. We are pleased that the project supports both younger and older pupils to develop their skills to a greater extent than would be possible without this learning support,” said Andrea Pernkopf.

The management of the school is also convinced of the concept: “I am grateful for Chancenwerk and consider it a social task to actively make a difference in society,” says Michael Biallas, Deputy Director of the comprehensive school. So everyone gets something out of it.


Photo credit: Dennis Osman

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