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Please visit our online donation form and switch to the English version. On request you can receive a donation receipt (only in German) at the beginning of the year.

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1.500 donors on a regular basis

Donate directly

Please visit our online donation form and switch to the English version.

On request you can receive a donation receipt (only in German) at the beginning of the year.

You may also donate directly to our donation account: Frankfurter Sparkasse 1822, IBAN: DE89 5005 0201 0200 0292 23, BIC: HELADEF1822. Enter a keyword if you would like to support a specific project.

You may also support some of our help alliance projects via the donation platform (German only).

Become a permanent donor!

As a permanent donor you can back up the future of disadvantage people of all help alliance projects in the world. Only 60 Euros per year can make a difference in their lives. As a permanent donor you receive our annual report via e-mail or by post. On demand we will send you our online newsletter. Are you interested? Then download right here our permanent donor application, fill it out and send it back to us. We warmly welcome you to help alliance!

Download the permanent donor application now

Donate your spare change

“Small change, it’s a big help” – even small change makes a difference. help alliance needs every support.

On Board Collection: You can help us easily on board of Lufthansa longhaul flights, Austrian Airlines, Edelweiss Air or Condor. On board you will find donation bags, just place the desired amount in it and hand it to a flight attendant at the end of your trip.

Donation boxes: In passenger lounges at all airports in Germany and selected international airports and in the staff areas you can “leave” us donations. More than 50 donations boxes of help alliance are at selected places, in which you can donate coins and notes of all currencies.

Help with “Miles”

As a member of the frequent flyer program miles & more you have the option to donate miles to help alliance and thus help disadvantage people. You decide for what you like to and how many miles you want to donate. Under “Miles to help” you will find numerous examples of what you can make with your Miles donations. So from now on: “Fly a lot, help a lot.”

Donations on special occasions

Special occasions – whether the birth of a child, a special birthday, a wedding, an anniversary or the completion of a successful project- all of these are great opportunities to share joy and to give gifts to people, who live in difficult cirumstances. Hence our proposal: ask for a donation box for your next celebration or ask for donation in your invitation for a help alliance project of your choice. Of course we will assist you with the fundraising and give you any information you might need. Just give us a call!

Donations in case of a bereavement

Sow hope and help people, who are in need, give them a better future – often that is exactly in the sense of a deceased person. Encourage relatives and mourners to donate for people in need. By donating to help alliance, you create a memory that continues. For any further questions just contact us.

Giving a future by bequest or inheritance

With a will you provide clarity and care for your family and your friends and you can leave a mark beyond your lifetime. At the same time you know everything is settled. Maybe it is your concern to do something good even after lifetime. In this case keep help alliance in mind in your will. You give children in need a better future. If you require further information on the topic, contact us. We are always there to help you.

Responsible use of foundation funds

As a non profit foundation or an authority you could belong to the most important partners of help alliance. As a financing partner you help us to achieve our goal of a humane and just world.

Which topic do you care for, most? You can support us in general or project-related. We would love to help you to find projects that match your foundation’s purpose. All our projects are professionally planned and executed efficiently. We assure you that we use your Contributions focussed and carefully. Let us know if we may submit to you an application for project funding, or recommend us!

Company donations

The corporate social responsibility has gained an increasing weight in the public perception of companies. Many socially responsibly acting companies want to set an example for more social and environmental sustainability today. If your company also is looking for partner, who knows how to implement needs-based on sustainable projects for you, then help alliance is the right partner. We have the necessary know-how, a lot of experience and a guarantee that your company donation arrives where it is needed.

Fines for a “good cause”

Cash requirements and fines can be an important contribution financing the work of non-profit organizations. As criminal judge and prosecutor your decision will support the work of help alliance. We would be pleased to be able to convince you that we are the right partner for you. We reliably and transparently satisfy all the requirements that are important for you and the allocation of money requirements. We are happy to give you more information personally.

Our Gift Shop

A way to make meaningful gifts that bring joy as well.

Offer a special surprise to children and young people in need through buying a present from our gift shop.
This kind of donation not only brings joy to disadvantaged persons but also to your loved ones by giving this good deed in their name! For this purpose, you will receive a suitable certificate of gratitude.

So that your donation helps as best as possible, we use it where it is most urgently needed. With every gift from our gift shop, you support all areas of our work for children, teenagers and young adults worldwide.

Start shopping and doing good

Donate through online shopping

If you shop at the online retailer Amazon you can support the help alliance.

With its affiliate program Amazon Smile, Amazon donates a small portion of your purchase amount (0.5% of the purchase value) to a social organization of your choice – at no extra cost to you or us. Remember to access the Amazon homepage or app via Amazon Smile and then select help alliance gGmbH as your favorite charitable organization.

Get involved as a Lufthansa Group employee

Information events are held regularly for colleagues from the Lufthansa Group who are committed to our aid organization. Lufthansa Group employees can find further information on the help alliance intranet site under “Local Communities”.

Collect donations with creative ideas

There are various ideas on how to support help alliance with creative actions and collect donations for our projects. Whether selling home-made jam, cleaning out your closet and donate the proceeds, let your imagination run wild. We appreciate any amount..

Help us with your Know-How

Your native language is english or french? And you are interested and have time to translate texts regularly for help alliance? Then we are happy to hear from you. Of course you can share any kind of your know-how with us – as soon as you have an idea, just get in touch with us!

Sensitize people for our topics

help alliance decided to “invest” as much as possible of the donations directly to the projects and less in broad advertisment campaigns. But we want to be better known – and here we can use your help.  Tell friends and family about the importance of access to education, nutrition, health and income for people who lack the basic necessities of life. If you are a teacher and want “your” children in school to look at our topics closer raise these issues, we can provide you with information material. Every action helps to make us and our work known.