World Children’s Day 2017 – help alliance gives children a future

How can disadvantaged children across the world be offered a secure future and an independent life? This is a question that help alliance has been addressing since its foundation in 1999. Since then, more than 140 projects on all continents have been and are being implemented with a huge amount of passion and above all with the extraordinary personal dedication of Lufthansa Group staff.

For help alliance, the key to an independent life lies in education. Be it through access to relevant facilities such as pre-schools or schools, through training programs at the respective project locations, or through the support of mentors or learning mentors from the Lufthansa Group. In the approx. 35 projects currently being supported by help alliance, around 10,000 children and young people are being cared for and given support. All project content complies with the strict standards of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the sustainable goals of the UN for 2030.

“Education and enabling represent the focus of our work,” says Joachim Steinbach, Director of help alliance. The commitment of the employees is key here. “We want to build on this further in the future, so that we can help provide even more children with a self-determined life,” says Steinbach.

There are many ways to support the children and young people in the approx. 35 projects run by help alliance across the world. You can help us with a single donation. Or you can become a regular donor with an annual contribution, from EUR 24. You can find all the details here. By the way – you can also donate your Miles to help alliance or do a good deed with every transaction as the holder of a Lufthansa Miles & More credit card.

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