Become a Supporting Member

As a supporting member of help alliance you secure the living conditions of poor people all around the world. Your donation gives them hope and future. 24 Euro per year can already make a difference in these people´s lives.

Application for Supporting Membership

As a member you will receive our annual report either online or in print via mail. If you wish, we will also send you our online newsletter.


Taking responsibility

Take up a sponsorship for a child in Vietnam, India or Thailand.

If you require more information about our sponsorship programs, just send a mail to

Your money reaches the people


Donation Receipt


We try to keep our administrative costs as low as possible. Therefore, we usually generate a donation receipt starting from 200 Euro in February of the subsequent year. The German tax authorities accept your submitted bank statement on donations up to 200 Euro. On your request we are happy to send a donation receipt also for lower amounts and at an earlier point in time.

If required by the tax authorities, you may download our notice of non-liability here.

Your own idea

You have ideas for a fundraising event for the benefit of help alliance or one of its projects?

You celebrate your birthday, an anniversary or you are getting married and you prefer donations instead of gifts?

Contact us at +49 69 696 69670 or at