First Class Education in Kenya

Watoto  – Mekaela Academies, Ukunda, Kenya

The project was founded 1993 and is part of help alliance since 2007.

Mekaela Academies is supported by the association watoto and comprises a group of four schools: Ratinga Primary School, Manuel Alexander Primary School, Likunda Primary School, Lulu High School and the Lulu Girls School. The schools are spread over an area of 10 kilometers. 1,250 children are taught there on a daily basis.


160 persons work for these schools: teachers, cleaning staff, cooks, gardeners…

This year a Science class room was built at the Lulu Girls School. With this new class room the school will be able to offer an higher graduation certification.

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Watoto, Kenya

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Watoto, Kenya

Tobias Ernst, Kenya


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Watoto – Mekaela Academies, Ukunda, Kenya

Mekaela Academies are private schools which aim to convey a good education to Kenyan children from humble homes by offering them the ideal prerequisites for their future – a good education. Also it enables them to contribute subsequently to the improvement of the people’s living conditions in their surroundings.

The idea for this project arose during a trip. Although obviously enough job opportunities for example in tourism industry were available, most children had no access to good education and due to that stay unemployed. It was also conceivable that parents who had a job could actually contribute to the fees for their children’s education.

Various projects are planned on middle-term.

The schools are partly supplied with basic food stuff by their own farms. These supplies are planned to be increased to make the schools independent from the rising food prices which in Kenya are to a great extent subject to environmental and political impact.

Presently in Kenya the end-of-school examination results are the only deciding factor which determines a pupil’s future development. This has caused strong competition amongst pupils verging on an almost hysterical focus on the philosophy of “higher, faster, further”.

The never-ending competition for better results does not necessarily prepare children well for their future, in fact on the contrary. The majority of pupils will most probably achieve average grades anyway and we no longer wish to neglect these pupils. Therefore the Mekaela Acedemies support children due to their talents and interests.

For many years, the Mekaela Academies have been among the best schools in the final examinations of the intermediate level (KCPE) and the upper level (KCSE) of the Kwale region. Hundreds of pupilshave already finished High School successfully. Almost 50% of them are currently studying at a Universities.

Others are working in various professions and support not only their own families but also the Mekaela Academies financially.

In addition the project offers free medical basic care (Mekaela Micro Medical Scheme) for all school children.

An employment agency arranges jobs for unemployed family members of the schoolchildren of Mekaela Academies and ensures that employers comply with certain social standards. The families are to receive not only an income, but also an inner revaluation.

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Ukunda, Kenya

Ukunda, Kenia