Bilingual Education with Prospects for young People

Lomé, Togo

The project is part of help alliance since 2018.

Our co-operating partner received a plot of land with the requirement to use it for innovative projects for young people and this is exactley what’s done there.
The aim is to set up a bilingual education center there, which should serve school leavers as a stepping stone to gain a basis for better jobs and to start their own small start-up companies. An important feature is the bilingualism of the training in German and French, which makes the graduates also optimal cooperation partners for German companies and thereby additionally increases their chances on the job market.

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Lomé, Togo

Frankfurter Sparkasse 1822
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Project Coordinator


Blaise-Pascal D’Almeida, Germany

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Lomé, Togo

For more than 10 years this project is supporting students in Togo. This was happening especially through German Clubs in schools. However, many graduates do not have grades good enough to study after graduation. Therefore since autumn 2018, the foundation will offer an alternative to expensive trainings. The first 50 destitute graduates will get support through tuition in the branches of construction,technology, hotels and tourism.

From 2019, a seperate training center will be set up, offering bilingual education in German and French. There the 50 graduates will have the opportunity to continue with their education, as well as working there, networking and passing on their knowledge.

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Lomé, Togo