A Sunny Place for Children of the Slums

Sunshine Project

The Sunshine Project was launched in 2002 and became part of help alliance in 2009.

The tailor couple, Kuku and Priti Arora, decided to support the project due to the miserable conditions which the children in the slums of New Dehli are subjected to. At first 17 children were cared for, 99 children in 2005 and today there are 250 children aged between 5 and 21 years..

Among other things, we need your donations for school fees and the children’s food and medical care.

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Sunshine Project, India

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Project Coordinator

Sunshine Project, India

Julia Hillebrecht, Germany

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Details & Successes

Sunshine Project, New Dehli, India

Our goal is to give needy children a dignified and happy childhood and provide them with a real opportunity through education to get out of this poverty circle.

The project can only be financed thanks to sponsorships. Our sponsors support a child with 15 € per month, providing a chance to life a fulfilling, self-determined life. Once a year the sponsors receive a detailed report on the progress of their sponsored child and the Sunshine project. For more information please text juliahillebrecht@yahoo.de

Over the last years the building’s condition have been significantly improved thanks to our donors.

In the meantime the first children left the project after outstanding graduating school. A boy has just successfully completed his German studies at the Goethe Institute in New Delhi and is now the first one of his family working in an office.

The young adults who are now leaving the project with a high school diploma, a work or university place, are visiting the project a few times every month trying to pass back the received help by teaching the younger ones or helping with preparing food or other activities.

Through the admission of many girls and their successes at school, the social position of the women in this neighborhood could highly increase.

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Project Coordinator

Sunshine Project, India

Kuku Arora, India

Kuku Arora, Sunshine Project

Project Location

Saidulajab, New Dehli, India