Early Childhood Education for 220 Children

Tangalle, Sri-Lanka

The Frangipani Preschool Center was founded in 2006 and is part of help alliance since 2019.

Although the curriculum for early childhood education in Sri Lanka is set by the Ministry of Education, it is still common, especially in rural areas, for many children not to attend early childhood education because only a few parents send their children to Kindergarten.


The project has existed since 2001.

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Tangalle, Sri Lanka

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Project Coordinator

Tangalle, Sri Lanka

Laurent Bobay, Switzerland


Details & Successes

Tangalle, Sri Lanka

As children are not send to Kindergarten, they often miss out on School right from the start. The aim of the Friends Lanka Child Foundation is therefore to invest in early childhood education in order to be able to offer the children a future.

Since the start of the Project, there has been a strong change in people’s thinking. In recent years more and more parents have invested in their children’s education and particpated in various Events at the Center.

Currently there are 220 children between the Ages of 3 and 5 who benefit from the project.

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Sri Lanka

Project Location

Tangalle, Sri Lanka