New Perspectives for Handicapped Children

Saigon Children’s Charity, Ho-Chi-Minh City, Vietnam

The project is running since 2006 and part of help alliance since 2008.

Several kindergardens have been built, renovated and handed over to the state since 2006. In 2010, Dominik Kopp initiated the program “Working With Others” in cooperation with Saigon Children’s Charity. Also a scholarship program (sponsorships) for school children was established in 2013.

Among other things, we need your donation to create a curriculum for children with disabilities in Vietnam; to promote special education programs; to help children and their families escaping from miserable living conditions and to sponsor families living in poverty in order to ensure an education for their children.

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Saigon Children’s Charity, Vietnam

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Project Coordinator

Saigon Children’s Charity, Vietnam

Dominik Kopp, Germany

Dominik Kopp

Details & Successes

Saigon Children’s Charity

The ‘Working With Others’ program has been specifically developed for children with disabilities. Its aim is to support small organisations that provide special education which is necessary to enable children with handicaps to take part in regular social life. About 25% of the poor population of South East Asia has disabilities according to the following definition: Any physical or mental restriction, visible or not, that reduces a child’s possibility to participate in school education or incapacitates them to expoit their full potential.

The approach of WWO is very diverse and follows many small procedures. Every year, 8 to 10 initiatives are being funded, which help children with disabilities. For example, the promotion and implementation  of “Good Pratice” models for the education of children with disabilities are supported.

The aim is to build networks for communication, cooperation and exchange of experience and to support organizations, schools and groups in the development of their skills and facilities. Seminars are offered in order to learn new models, to try out and to recognize routines and limitations.

This year we support the training and further education of teachers in order to prepare them for working with autistic children and to give them the materials to facilitate this important work.

In the past, we have introduced a community-based rehabilitation program with WWO and developed a learning box for the use at home for disabled children.

We also successfully created special reading and graphic material for children with reduced vision, sensory integration programs for the hearing impaired as well as methods to help parents to develop their childrens language skills and the production of educational videos.

In addition to the many individual successes, various replicable successes have been achieved, including the introduction of a rehabilitation program at the community level, the involvement of the Ministry of Education in a new curriculum for disabled children, establishment of competence centers. For the first time sensitive topics such as the sexual education and abuse of disabled persons were addressed and a voice was given to those concerned.

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Saigon Children’s Charity

Project Coordinator

Saigon Children’s Charity, Vietnam

Paul Finnis, Vietnam

Saigons Children Charity Paul Finnis

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Ho-Chi-Minh City, Vietnam



Saigon Children’s Charity, Vietnam

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