A loving home for orphans

Safe-House, Johannesburg, South Africa

The Safe-House was founded in 2001 and is part of help alliance since 2010.

15 children whose parents are unable to fulfill their supervisory responsibilities are taken care of and receive support. Apart from the head of the Safe-House, two “Mamas” and one or two volunteers take care of the children.

We need your donation, among other things, for the high school fees of the three handicapped children as well as for transportation to the school, school uniforms and medical supplies.

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Safe-House, South Africa

Frankfurter Sparkasse 1822
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Project Coordinator

Safe-House, South Africa

Mickey Lederer, Germany

Mickey Lederer

Details & Successes

Safe-House, Johannesburg, South Africa

The Safe-House is a small, family-run orphanage in Brackendowns, a suburb of Johannesburg. There, Yvonne Detleefs decided to give disadvantaged children a home, rather than rent her house out for profit. Today it houses 15 full as well as half orphans and offers them a caring home, among them also some handicapped children who need special care. Unfortunately the project does not receive any public funds for the children from the townships, no matter if they are handicapped or not.

The Safe-House intends to provide better chances for a self-determined future of the children. Ultimate ambition is offering a stable, family-like community atmosphere with a reliable every-day life and through that to enable them to attain an appropriate education. Two “Mammas”, as they are lovingly called by the children, take care of the children day and night and besides keep the house in good shape. They’re having a destitute background themselves and are thereby able to understand the children. In the meantime their project generated income allows them to improve the situations of their own families as well.

The two Lufthansa employees Martina Reiser and Mickey Lederer are regularly on site. Full day-care, assistance with their homework and additional extracurricular activities prepare the children in advance for the future demands of life. The integrated social-learning behavior strengthens their self-esteem and facilitates their integration into society. An important goal of the project is to secure support for three of our children with disabilities over a long-term period. This is mostly associated with special care resulting in high costs. In South Africa, there is no possibility to attend an integrated school. Without a school for children with disabilities, our three girls would have been ruled out of any possibility to obtain any kind education.

Due to this type of social practice and its reluctance to sufficiently integrate children with disabilities into society, there is only one way to ensure the progress of development; this is individual support for special schools for children with disabilities so that they receive the chance to life a self-determined life.

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South Africa

Project Coordinator

Safe-House, South Africa

Martina Reiser, Germany

Martina Reiser

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Johannesburg, South Africa