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Sabab Lou Foundation, Chereponi District, Ghana

Many young people in Chereponi district have no prospect for earning a living and self-reliance. Alarmingly high numbers of them travel to the south of the country or to Europe, in a desperate search for a better future. With a loan fund  for annually 15 to 20 small business owners they are given the opportunity to generate income and thus to provide for themselves and their families. With such a loan, they can build an existence in their home region.

The Sabab Lou Foundation has many years of experience with microcredit and works closely with the borrowers, trains and supports them. After repayment of the funds flow into other projects and give other people a perspective. Establishing financial reserves  is mandatory.

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Sabab Lou, Ghana

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Project Coordinator

Sabab Lou, Ghana

Nicholas Lambini Kombat, Ghana


Details & Successes

Sabab Lou Foundation, Chereponi District, Ghana

Anoshe Women Project

Anoshe Women Project supports a group of 350 women for the cultivation of crops (maize, soy, millet) in the Chereponi district in the northeastern part of Ghana. Every women is farming a field of 1 Acre (approximately 0.4 ha). The generated income helps the women and their families and is strengthening the role of the women in general. The project is implemented by the Ghanaian NGO Anoshe Women Group. The project manager is Nicholas Lambini Kombat.

We want to reduce the poverty in the rural areas on a sustainable basis, by supporting agricultural projects, so that the project partners can generate more income and nourish themselves and their families.

The next goal will be to optimize the planning of production and sales. The greatest barriers during the implementation phase are a lack of organizational and agricultural know-how on behalf of the rural community.

To permanently ensure the operational readiness the local NGO has established in the past crop year grain banking . By trading profit , the organization has achieved through storage and selling the grains late to a higher price , the necessary provisions can be made.

The women have increasingly emancipated and are involved in this project actively in the decision-making process. Together with the management they determine further steps to increase production, to make investments and to strengthen their group

Facts & Figures

Sabab Lou, Ghana


Project Coordinator

Sabab Lou, Ghana

Edith Lanfer, Germany

Edith Lanfer

Project Location

Chereponi District, Ghana