Goat-scholarships for independant Girls

Mubuga, Rwanda

The project has been part of help alliance from 2018 to 2019.

It is hard to imagine but with one goat the lifes of many girls can be completely changed. This works on a simple priciple. Humble girls receive a pregnant goat as a present and at the same time a training in goat husbandry and care. The first demale goat from the offspring of the donated goat is donated to another girl. All the other goatlings stay with the girl. As a result, they can slowly build a herd of goats and thereby secure self-sufficency and earn a small income in the long term.

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Sabrina Chaudhry, Deutschland

Sabrina Chaudhry

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Mubuga, Ruanda

The municipality Mubuga is located in the west of Rwanda and is, like the whole region, strongly affected by poverty. The number of orphans is shockingly high, many of them ill and infected with HIV. Especially girls struggle with breaking apart from poverty and finding a way into a better future. The goal is to help these female full and half orphans aged between 12 and 18. To be able to participate in the project the girls are required to attend school.

The area around Mubuga offers ideal conditions for goat breeding. The meadows are green and the goats are able to find enough grass so they do not have to be fed with cereals or other plants that also serve as food for humans.

In the village directly three goats were purchased.

The girls gradually receive a pregnant goat. At the same time they participate in a workshop led by a veterinarian.

There they learn all the essentials for keeping and caring for goats (food, poisonous plants, water quality, milking …) and also after the workshop is finished, the veterinarian is available for questions of the girls.

The girls are oblidged to hand over the first female goat of their offspring to another girl, so they can as well build a goat herd. Each additional offspring remains with the girl.

The girls benefit from the goats in many ways:

  • They can drink the milk and later eat or sell the meat of the offspring. This imrpves their care.
  • They can generate an income by selling goat products (milk, meat, manure) and, for example, pay the school fee
  • Through workshops with the veterinarian, they become goat experts and are able to pass on their knowledge to others, which also increases their reputation in society
  • It creates a foundation for a small herd of goats and provides basic business planning knowledge so that they receive a post-school perspective

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Mubuga, Rwanda