Protecting the nature and escape poverty

Rainforestation Farming, Borobudur, Indonesien

The project is part of help alliance since 2016.

The focus is on farmers and their children. Frequently, subsistence farmers overburden the available natural resources and therefore harm the environment. This is due to the lack of knowledge and understanding of sustainability contexts. They never learned to protect the natural resources.

The project aims to provide them with the necessary knowledge.

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Rainforestation Farming, Indonesia

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Project Coordination

Rainforestation Farming, Indonesia

Axel Kleinschumacher, Germany

Axel Kleinschumacher

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Rainforestation Farming, Borobudur, Indonesia

While focussing on farmers and their children, they are taught playfully about nature. As learning material an environmental teaching book was developed. It describes the animal and plant species of Indonesia and the dependence of man on nature. Excursions amplify the learning.

The parents, in other words the small farmers of the region, are also taught in sustainable and ecological cultivation as well as in biodiversity. They visit training classes, which connect natural forestation with organic farming.

The train-the-trainer principle is important in order to enable the graduates of the program to pass on their knowledge to other small-scale farmers.

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Borobudur, Indonesia