Help for People in Central India

Patenschaftskreis, Khandwa, India

The project has been officially underway in Germany since 1972 and has become part of help alliance in 2004. The association was founded more than 40 years ago, however, work on site, in central India, started in 1935. In and around Khandwa, federal state Madhya Pradesh, the project has approximately 20 boarding schools, spread over an area of 24,500 sq. km, offering help for those children whose parents or the village community are not able to take care of.

We need your donation amongst other things for food, medicine, education and clothes for the children.

In this project 150 members of religious orders, teachers and doctors live and work.

3,000 children live in 20 boarding schools, spread over 24,500 200 pupils attain a school leaving qualification per year.

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Child Sponsoring Circle India, India

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Project Coordinator

Patenschaftskreis, India

Ralf Steuer, Germany

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Details & Successes

Child Sponsoring Circle India, Khandwa, India

In this area boarding schools were founded already quite some time ago because in rural areas in Madhya Pradesh people hardly have access to school education. In addition the project also tries to improve the living conditions of the people by mobile medical camps.

In India more than 20% of the people live under the official poverty line of the WTO and other organizations. This means over 200 million people have no chance of access to adequate supply of essentials.

Children have no access to education, therefore we take children, whose parents or rural communities cannot provide them with items for their daily needs, into our boardings. These are approximately 3.000 children in 20 boarding schools.

At places, where the people are able to pay a small amount of school fees, we hand over the boarding schools to their own responsibilities. The donations gained this way are used for the construction of new boarding schools in those regions, where a high number of poor people live secluded; this concept already was defined in 1935.

Organizing the implementation of help for self-help in a sustainable way in the existing boarding schools and to generate enough funds for the construction of new boarding schools is the greatest obstacles so far and will remain to be a problem in the future.

The existing infrastructure makes work in the project even more difficult. There are almost no surfaced streets and extreme climatic conditions – sometimes there has not been any rain for years – threatens the people with poverty.

One of the greatest successes yet is that many of the children from the boarding schools have become very successful in their lives. Approximately 200 children graduate per year and attain a school leaving qualification.

Thousands of people also profit from the small pharmacies in the boarding schools every year (they’re coming there from small surrounding villages) and minor illnesses can be treated on the spot (especially malaria and snake bites).

The “Health Awareness Program” was established a few years ago in order to help even remote villages. These could only be reached by mobile clinics.

The mortality rate of newborn and pregnant women reaches up to 80 %. Main reasons are: lack of vitamins and poor hygiene.
With the Awareness Program we train first-aid helpers and give hygiene instructions. We might be able to reduce the mortality rate of newborns significantly with our project.

Facts & Figures

Child Sponsoring Circle India, India


Child Sponsoring Circle India, India

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Khandwa, India