The future lies in spices

Solukhumbu and Lamjung Districts, Nepal

The project is part of help alliance since 2019.

Almost 10,000 people died in the 2015 earthquake in Nepal. The consequences are serious for Nepal’s already underdeveloped economy.
When our Project coordinator Dominik Kopp saw the Situation after the earthquake, it was clear to him that help was urgently needed.



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Solukhumbu and Lamjung District, Nepal

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Project Coordinator


Dominik Kopp, Germany

Dominik Kopp

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Solukhumbu and Lamjung Districts, Nepal

The aim of the project is to help farmers in the Region in selling their spice products – especially cardamom and Szechuan pepper. This requires improved infrastructure and technology.

In order to support the farmers in their project, it is necessary to impart agricultural practices and knowledge to the farmers and train them in environmental protection.
The project aims to increase small famers’ income by developing approaches to poverty reduction. Therefore, a training centre is to be built and regular training courses are to be held.

Around 250 farmers are to be trained in the training centre by the end of the project period. In addition, two Kindergarten are to be built for the farmer’s children so that the farmers can work in peace.

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Solukhumbu and Lamjung District, Nepal