Genderfriendly Schools for Children

Solukhumbu District, Nepal

The project became part of help alliance in 2018.

During the 2015 earthquake in Nepal, about 4,000 school buildings across Nepal were destroyed. Many of them, especially in the remote regions, have not yet been rebuilt. Three of the schools in Solukhumbu district are about to be rebuilt as part of this project – this time earthquake-proof.

But the project extends even further and has set itself the goal of creating a girl-friendly school environment in order to create a sustainably change of the situation for young women in Nepal.

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Solukhumbu District, Nepal

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Solukhumbu District, Nepal


Dominik Kopp, Austria

Dominik Kopp

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Solukhumbu District, Nepal

Not only has the earthquake left visible damage to the buildings, it has also traumatized many pupils, who saw their safe learning environment collapse. Therefore, it is even more important to provide them a safe learning environment in which they don’t have to be afraid that they could be buried during the next earthquake at school.

In addition to the pure reconstruction of the three schools, it is necessary to develop social structures, which favor a girl-friendly learning environment.

Many girls and young women do not dare to go to school during their menstration and therefore miss several weeks of lessons each year. To solve this problem, different actions are planned to be realized until the end of 2020:

1. The Construction of appropriate sanitary facilities – to provide a hygienic environment to the girls
2. The Establishment of girl councils at school – to give the girls a voice
3. Educational work – within the community, the government and especially families
4. The Establishment of targeted trainings and promotions of female teachers

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Solukhumbu District, Nepal