Perspectives for Young People

Leona, Saint-Louis, Senegal

The project was founded and became part of help alliance in 2000.

First this project exsisted in cooperation with a local women’s group and offered literacy courses and training courses about managing micro-gardens.

In 2006 the training center Keur Mame Fatim Konté, which also houses a kindergarten and a library, was opened.

Among other things, we need your donation for the ongoing costs of lessons, the medical and hygienic care of children and training opportunities for women.

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Leona, Senegal

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Project Coordinator

Leona, Senegal

Papa Moussa Sall, Senegal


Details & Successes

Leona, Saint-Louis, Senegal

The aim of this project is to fight against poverty and ignorance by offering affordable and partially free education. With such a goal in mind, an attempt could be made to give the young people a new perspective in their own country. The Keur Mame Fatim Konté Center helps especially young women obtain an education in order to become hairdressers, tailors or cooks. Girls are also offered additional support during their final exam periods and this comes in form of tutoring; they thus gain a better general understanding of what has been taught. The center houses a kindergarten and supports street children through basic literacy, nutrition and health measures.

In Saint-Louis, Leona district is characterized as having one of the lowest standards of living and highest unemployment rates. The latter applies especially to the young people of the district. The greatest success until now has been the opening of the district’s own training and community center in 2006. The center offers courses for young women and has a kindergarten and a library. Community meetings are also held on the premises.

About 80% of the graduates work in the profession they have learned. Most do this in the informal sector, as there is no real labor market in Saint Louis. 10% have opened a small business.

Every year, 100 children attend the kindergarten and up to 400 primary school children benefit from the free tutoring sessions.

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Project Coordinator

Leona, Senegal

Rita Diop, Germany

Rita Diop

Project Location

Saint-Louis, Senegal