Education for Children in Accra

Kinder Paradise, Accra, Ghana

The project is excisting since 1998 and is part of help alliance since 2006.

Project coordinator on site is Silke Roesner. She founded the project in 1998, when she saw the needy children of disabled beggars, who were living in the streets of Ghanas capital city, Accra.

Among other things, we need your donations for continuous costs, such as food for the children, school and vocational training fees, and salaries for our employees.

The staff consists of 40 employees and volunteers.

The school in Prampram is attended by 160 children from this region. The school has a total of 238 pupils.

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Kinder Paradise, Ghana

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Project Coordinator

Kinder Paradise, Ghana

Silke Roesner, Ghana

Silke Roesner

Details & Successes

Kinder Paradise, Accra, Ghana

The goal of Kinder Paradise is to help orphaned, vulnerable and homeless children to become independent, responsible and productive. This occurs in various facilities. The Day Centre is located in a part of the city where an especially great number of needy and homeless children can be found. These children shall be reached in order to provide them with education. Therefore it is important that such children can contact the center on foot.

The Youth Home needs to be in Accra in order to facilitate access to secondary and tertiary education for children, which are not available in the countryside. The Home is located in a suburb of Accra, because rent in the city center would be too high.

The Children’s Home in Prapram and its school are located in the country side, because the organization owns a larger property of land there, which enables it to save cost for rent. The school is meant for the children from the poor environs of Prampram, too, and can be reached by them easily.

The medium term goal is that all children who are currently residents in Kinder Paradise or who are supported by the day care center, shall achieve their Junior High School certificate, and the youth shall complete their secondary and tertiary education. The fees for training institutes, especially for colleges and university, have up to tripled over the past two years. This is a great challenge for the project. Due to the fact that there is no standardized professional training in the field of healthcare and education in Ghana, the organization aspires to attain quality staff improvements through training. In addition, children will be able to make positive behavioral changes through life-skills training.

In its development plan, not only is the project negatively affected by the aforementioned fee increases and lack of education standards for the supervisory staff as well. This is due to the lack of authorities and the lack of special facilities for children with disabilities or learning and behavioral problems. More generally, the weak infrastructure of the country provides a lot of work for the maintenance person on-site, as there are frequent power outages, poor water supply, and inadequate road conditions.

One of the greatest successes of the project is the construction of the children’s home in Prampram with its own school and library, three buildings for the children, one building for the employees, one ward, one multi-purpose hall, a kitchen and a pavilion. Furthermore there is a sports ground and a playground.

The school in Prampram is attended by approximately 160 children from the region. All in all the school has 238 pupils.

The first few children that came to the Kinder Paradise have accomplished their school education, some of the have jobs, others go to secondary schools or even to university. One example is, representatively, the following: a half-orphan living on the street together with her handicapped farther completed her school leaving certificate after coming to the Kinder Paradise and is currently studying dentistry.

Due to her experience with the project, Silke Roesner was appointed to be part of a commission for the preparation of national guidelines for the accommodation of children in children’s homes and has to a great extent participated in the phrasing of the guidelines.

Until now, the project has achieved the following successes:

21 children passed their A-levels, 8 attend university, 3 have completed college, 10 teenagers have completed vocational training. The organization’s school currently has 238 students. All of our junior high school students passed their gradation/school leaving exams (national average 49-65%). 55 children were re-integrated into their families.

Facts & Figures

Kinder Paradise

Project Coordinator

Kinder Paradise, Ghana

Iris Sandhof, Germany

Iris Sandhof

Project Location

Pram Pram, Accra, Ghana