Opportunities through education for Slumchildren

Nairobi, Kenya

The project was founded in 2018 and also became part of help alliance in 2018.

The Happy Child Education Center is a small (pre) school for 45 children in a slum area close to Nairobi. The situation with the landlady on the three corrugated iron huts is critical and it may be possible that she decides to demolish the huts without giving any information about it before.

To secure a long-term existing environment for the schools, decision was made to buy a new location for the Happy Child Education Center on another property this year. In the future, 100 children aged 2 to 6 years will be taught there. To realize this construction project we need your donation!

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Nairobi, Kenya

Frankfurter Sparkasse 1822
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Project Coordinator


Fokko Doyen, Germany


Details & Successes

Nairobi, Kenya

The Happy Child Education Center was founded by a very motivated and gifted educator on her own initiative in a slum of Nairobi. The area is characterized by a very high unemployment-rate. Pre-school can be seen as the only access to education for the children. In 2016, the school was officially registered as an educational institution by the government. Also a bathroom was built. Just a few months later, the owner of the property demolished the classrooms to build new additional huts for other tenants. The playground of the school was destroyed as well and the area was used for new houses. At the same time, rent increased by 60%. Unfortunately it cannot be excluded that there will be a repetition of this process in the future so to ensure a long-term survival of this project, decision was made to build a new school on a secure property, where it is no longer threatened by sudden rent increases or spontaneous demolition.

In the future, 100 children will be taught in the new school. Also there is a plan to offer special workshops for the parents of the children so that they can learn easy skills to generate a small income.

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Nairobi, Kenya