Fighting poverty with education

iThemba Primary School, Cape Town, South Africa


The project is part of help alliance since 2015.

Over 2.500 children without access to Primary School education are living in Vrygrond/Capricorn, a socially and economically disadvantaged Township of Cape Town.

Due to the work of iThemba Pre-School, many children already could benefit from excellent pre-school education. In order to strengthen this success a Primary School was built and partly opened in 2018 for 105 first graders. At the beginning of 2019, another group of first graders was admitted, so that the school is now attended by over 200 children every day.

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iThemba Primary School, Cape Town

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Project Coordinator

iThemba Primary School, South Africa

Susanne French, Germany


Details & Successes

iThemba Primary School, Cape Town, South Africa

A large proportion of people in Vyrgrond / Capricorn are illiterate, only a few speak English while unemployment rate is 70%. This leads to poverty, violence and lack of perspective. Different studies illustrate that the education level of children from the townships lag two to three years behind the educational level of other children.

For many years help alliance has been supporting iThemba Pre-School. Classes are not only teaching mathmatic skills and English, but also social skills.

Unfortunately as many children already switched to public schools a negative outcome became clear: the excellent work, provided by iThemba Pre-School is getting lost after a short period in public schools due to South Africas ailing school system.

Through the construction of a primary school, this risk is intercepted and the children are provided with long-term, sustainable education opportunities.

The iThemba Primary School will be built step by step over the next few years, with the aim of being able to educate 750 children in the future.

First building part was completed at the end of 2017 and the classrooms for 100 children were opened in January 2018. Now it is time to bring the project to an end. The second phase of the construction will begin in october 2019.