Hope for Township Children

iThemba Pre-School School Capricorn, South Africa

Nelson Mandela famously said that, “education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. Currently only 9.6% of South Africas 50 million populationis able to speak English, while illiterate-rate in Western Cape is 24%. In township communities the statistics are even worse.

“iThemba” means “hope” in Zulu. This fits perfect since high quality pre-primary school education was provided to the desperately disadvantaged and marginalized children in Cape Town townships.


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iThemba Pre-School, South Africa

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School Director

iThemba Pre-School, South Africa

Veronica Nicholas, South Africa

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Details & Successes

iThemba Pre-School, South Africa

Since many years iThemba Pre-School is providing first-class pre-school education for Township children.

Everyday school life is showing that learning to read, write and calculate combined with positive role models and mutual respect, has a big impact on the 83 children as well as on their families. This positive effect becomes visible in things that would be considered normal in other countries. For example a huge success was recorded about two years ago when the teachers noticed the school was getting more and more accepted by the community so from that on it was possible to leave the school gates unlocked during the day time.

The involvement of the whole family is the foundation for children success in school. It is therefore not suprising that it have been the parents requesting help alliance to build a primary school for their children to continue their learning experience.

Meanwhile many children were able to switch to public schools. Unfortunately it’s quite obvious that the amazing work, which has been so heavily invested in the pre-school, quickly gets lost in South Africa’s ailing education system.
This is why we decided to build a primary school in the same township.
However, we need comprehensive international financial assistance to make this dream come true.

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iThemba Pre-School, South Africa

Susanne French, Germany

Susanne French

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Cape Town, South Africa


Project Coordinator

iThemba Pre-School, South Africa

Arne Ring, Germany


Project Coordinator

iThemba Pre-School, South Africa

Christian Haude, Germany