Better Education with the Help of Yoga

Gurugram, India

The project is part of help alliance since 2018.

The work of this project leaves no doubt: holistic education brings the highest benefit for children. Therefore, this project aims to offer children a way out of the slums of Gurugram through supporting their education and  enhances it with the help of yoga. The physical activity strengthens the children’s ability to concentrate. This effect became visible in the grades of the pupils.

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Gurugram, India

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Anne Will-Just, Indien

Anne Will

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Gurugram, India

Not far from Indira Ghandi International Airport in New Delhi are the slums of Gurugram city. For children growing up in this area , seriousness of life starts very early. Instead of studying for school or even going to school, they work to earn a small income for their families. For survival, this little merit is barely enough.

Devender Kumar, a yoga teacher from this very area, aims to change this situation with the help of his yoga school. The philosophy behind is quite simple: Yoga promotes concentration, healthy nutritionpromotes the ability to learn, additional tutoring services promote the learning progress. Through these tree components, children can achieve a higher educational standard in the long term and sustainably find a way out of poverty.

The project aims to reach about 180 children in the future. The youngest among them are 3 years old, the oldest aged 20. At the moment 35 particularly humble ones among them receive additional support, for example through weekly, warm meals. This funding will be expanted in the future.

All children are free to participate in the yoga classes and receive tutoring to also learn other important skills, especially in the field of health and hygiene. For example they’re taught what healthy food or clean and safe water is and what positive effect regular teethbrushing has.

The fact that this support has a positiv effect on the children’s school career is also confirmed by the director of the local school, who attested that the children that were participating in the project have a considerable improvement in their concentration and thus a remarkable improvement in their school grades.

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Gurugram, India