Protection for Children in Need

Pattaya, Thailand

The orphanage has existed since 1974, whereas the child protection program was only built in 2008. The project has been part of the help alliance since 1999.

There are three reception centers for children: an orphanage, a child protection center and an open youth house (drop-in center).

We need your donations for the operational costs of the child protection program, for example fuel for the motor scooters of the social workers on the street, food for children in the open youth house, and also for books and school uniforms for the children in the school center.

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Pattaya, Thailand

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Project Coordinator

Pattaya, Thailand

Benjamin Fischer, Germany


Details & Successes

Pattaya, Thailand

The child protection program fights against child migration, exploitation, abuse and poverty. To protect street children and to give them access to education are core elements that are needed to give these children a perspective. Therefore a 4-step program with social workers, an open youth house, child protection and prevention work was implemented.

The open youth house (drop-in centre) in the city center is a permanent focal point for children in need, who life on the streets.

At the moment the youth house has approximately 750 “child contacts” per year – offering a first step to reintegration and supports the children with food, clothes, medicine and an impermanent safe accommodation. Our workers offer the children advice concerning their behavior and offer them a longer-term stay, for a few months, in the child protection center.

Beside the open questions about the funding of the construction costs above all the mafia-like structures on site remain a major concern, a network of people that deal with children and abuses them. Therefore or street workers often work undercover. On the one hand their work will end the trade with the children and on the other hand it will help to protect and encourage the children to accept the help offered. In order to reduce the number of children living in the streets.

Since 2008 our social street workers were able to get state of advice on record, that leaded to the detention of over 100 child abusers. So far the prevention work has reached out to families in 17 slums in the region of Pattaya and in 2013 the child protection program was awarded the Thai NGO award for the first time.

Human Help Network e.V., the German partner of Help Alliance, is a member organization of ECPAT Deutschland e.V., Association for the Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation.

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Project Coordinator

Pattaya, Thailand

Radchada Chomjinda, Thailand


Project Location

Pattaya, Thailand