Hope for Slum Children

Street Smart, Dehradun, India

The project has been established in 2009 and is part of help alliance since 2015.

The outreach teams of Street Smart engage the street children and bring them to the educational facilities in the slum.

At the education center children are offered education, nutrition and medical help.
The goal is always preparing the children for admission to a regular school. In the afternoon, the children receive learning support in the centers.
Adolescents who are too old to be enrolled in a regular school are able to join the open basic education program at the center.

In order to finance these centers and equip the children with school supplies, we need your support.

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Street Smart, India

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Project Coordinator

Street Smart, India

Sangeeta Sharma, India

sangeeta sharma

Details & Successes

Street Smart, India

The project Street Smart has set itself the goal to give street children a new perspective in life.

The teams are working in the streets with communities to bring children into the learning programs. The provided extent of the project ranges from basic literacy to pre-school programs to sponsoring children in school and providing after school tuition; to providing shelter to children who have nowhere else to go. This way the project is responding to the needs of more than 2,000 vulnerable children. The conviction of our project partner is that there is no unreachable or unteachable child – you just have to find the right approach.

The children benefitted from the project are the first generation in their families to receive an education. Their homes do not provide an environment conducive to studying. Frequently these children live in damp and dark quarters; large families cramped in single rooms. There is often neither light nor a desk.
That’s why the Wings of Doon program was launched

In 10 learning centers, the children receive learning support and guidance.

One of these learning centers is the Unnayan Shiksha Kendra Center, funded by help alliance. This center is used by 190 children in grades 1-8. They receive tutoring in English, Hindi, Math, Science, Social Studies and Computer Science. This extra education programm helps children to keep up in school and with their classmates.

The project uses Computer Aided Learning (CAL) programs that are audio and visual and interactive to capture the imagination and interest of children. The interactive nature of CAL has helped enormously in capturing children’s attention.

In addition nutrition, medical care and clothing are integral components of the project as well.

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Project Coordinators

Street Smart, India

Sheila Brijnath und Neelu Khanna, India

Shaila Brijnath & Neelu Khanna

Project Location

Dehradun, India