IT-Classes for clever Girls

Hamburg, Germany

The project is part of help alliance since 2018.

IT industry still is dominated by men and many girls do not dare to pursue a career in this branch. The aim of the project is to strengthen girls to strike this path.

For this purpose, a special concept was developed that will be tested for the first time at a school in Hamburg during 2018/2019.

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Hamburg, Deutschland

Frankfurter Sparkasse 1822
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Jana Bohnstengel, Deutschland


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Hamburg, Germany

Inspiring female students to strive for a job in the IT sector and reducing their inhibitions to persue this career path is the goal of this project.

For this purpose, a voluntary workshop on programming is offered for the students. The project consists of different training sessions on different topics and self-learning units. In those units female employees of Lufthansa Group, who are working in the IT industry, will always be present as a positive role model. Through talking about their work they will try to arouse the girl’s interest for their careers. At the same time, they will assist the girls with questions.

At the beginning, a workshop on “unconscious prejudices” is planned.

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Project Location

Hamburg, Germany