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Frankfurt, Germany

There are currently almost 5,000 fugitives living in Frankfurt. In addition, around 350 unaccompanied underage foreigners arrived in Frankfurt.
The meetings of the project Über den Tellerrand (“Beyond your Plate” in English) make it possible for fugitives to settle in and start new in Frankfurt by cooking and eating together – because eating connects people and is a good opportunity to exchange ideas about different cultures.

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Über den Tellerrand Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurter Sparkasse 1822
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Sonja Steinheuser

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Frankfurt, Germany

The project Über den Tellerrand makes it possible for people with and without a refugee background to get to know each other through joint activities. The meetings are based on cooking and eating together. The project in Frankfurt aims to create spaces in which all participants can exchange ideas and make use of their strengths and cultural backgrounds.

One project programme is the Job Buddy Programme, which is intended to help fugitives who enter the German working world. In the five-month mentoring programme, local workers help the fugitives, for example in writing an application or preparing for an interview. The project not only has positive side effects for the individual partners, but also the city of Frankfurt which is also developing more positively.

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Frankfurt, Germany