Destination: Education opportunities

Dusseldorf, Germany

The project became part of help alliance in 2015.
Basis for this project is an unique concept of educational support, that is implemented at three schools in Dusseldorf in collaboration with Lufthansa colleagues.
At the partner schools a ”learning cascade” has been established: University students teach older pupils in a subject that they’re choosing. The latter commit to be “learning coaches” for even younger pupils themselves.

The aim is to  reach in particular those students who otherwise would not develop their true potential, because of their less educated family background, economically disadvantaged contexts or with an immigrant background. At the same time the development of social commitment among all participants is encouraged.

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Destination: Education opportunities, Germany

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Project Coordinator

Destination: Education opportunities

Imke Schepers, Germany


Details & Successes

Destination: Education opportunities, Dusseldorf, Germany

Through the learning cascade model, pupils of 9th and 10th grade receive learning support in subjects they have problems with. In return, they act as learning coaches for younger students. For beeing able to give instructions in the right way to the younger ones, the pupils are prepared as well by the students.

This creates a learning community, which also helps pupils to develop social skills.

In addition special german classes are offered to refugee children.

The students are partcipating in the pupils study groups as well and besides organize intensive classes in English and mathematics for older pupils. Employees of Chancenwerk supervise and support the entire program intensively and assume the overall coordination.

The intensive classes are 90 minutes per week, the study groups for the younger pupils are held twice a week each time for 90 minutes.

This concept ensures the improvement of the pupils academic performance and also their social skills – even of the students – so in the end taking on responsibility for others becomes a fun factor .

Photos : Andreas Wiese