Vocational training for talented chefs

Guarulhos, Sao Paulo, Brazil

The Project was founded in 2018 and became part of help alliance during the same year.

Despite the fact that the international airport is close and that there is a large number of companies in the area around, many young people in Guarulhos can not find a job. Especially in the outer districts of the city, the poverty-rate is particularly high. Crime rate is correspondingly high as well while education level is very low .

Goal of this project is to provide a better perspective in life to young people through trainings that are especially developed for them.

Among other things, we need your donation for teaching materials, teacher salaries and transportation of the students.

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 Sao Paulo, Brazil

Frankfurter Sparkasse 1822
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Project Coordinator

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Mariam Meletti, Brazil


Details & Erfolge

Sao Paulo, Brazil

High crime rates, unemployment, malnutrition, unstable families are everyday problems that young people in the peripheral areas of Guarulhos have to face.
The project launched in 2018 offers a six-month patisserie and bakery training program to 30 young people. As many catering companies, hotels, hospitals and supermarket chains are located in this region, it can be expected chances for students finding a job after successfully completing their programs will be significantly better.

In addition to practicing units such as Hygiene, occupational safety, cooking and education the course also includes theoretical foundations of management, law, communication, entrepreneurship and nutrition.

Each of the 30 trainees receives help from a specially trained mentor of Lufthansa Group, to help him or her to deal with potential struggles and provides insights of the labour market.