Vocational training and education for Favela Children

Guarabira, Brasilien

The Project was founded in 1990 and became part of help alliance in 2013.

The families in Guarabira are threatened by extreme poverty and drugs.  In order to provide help to these people a project for homeless children was founded in 1990. Over time, this developed into a small village with an integrated kindergarten and school.

As a further step, the young people should get the opportunity to learn a profession. Therefore training workshops will be built during this year. For financing these workshops we need your donation.

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Guarabira, Brazil

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Project Coordinator

Guarabira, Brazil


Roy Heron, Germany

Roy Heron

Details & Successes

Guarabira, Brazil

The city of Guarabira is located in the northeastern part of the Brazilian state of Paraiba. In the districts, where the children’s village lays, extreme poverty prevails, drug use and associating drug-related crime rates are very high. For about 230 children, the children’s village offers a bright spot. Children are cared for and taught daily at the children’s village. While the younger ones attend kindergarden, the older ones are taught in school. Some of them found a new home in the children’s village, while others return to their families in the evening.

Despite these educational offers, many young people still have problems finding an employer. In order to provide better qualifications, a training center for wood and metal processing is about to be set up this year. As part of these constructions the young people should be actively involved to learn important skills.