Fighting against Lack of Prospects

São Laurenço, Brazil

This project is part of help alliance since 2018.

Around 16,000 children and adolescents live in Sao Lorenco. For many of them boredom, sadness and crime is part of their everyday life. They’re spending their afternoons in the streets. With the help of the youth center around 400 children and young people will be offered an alternative in the future and are able to participate in the provided sports (especially boxing), music and education courses.

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São Laurenço, Brazil

Frankfurter Sparkasse 1822
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Raiko Morales, Germany

Raiko Morales

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São Laurenço, Brazil

The philosophy of the youth center is that education, music and sports are keyelements for a successful life. Therefore, the youth center should combine everything in the future. In addition to sports activities, especially boxing – where children are taught how to treat each other respectfully – English classes will be offered as well as the opportunity for children and adolescents to learn an instrument. Children are in return required to attend school. Homework is done together before the trainings are starting.

The teachers for sports and education offers are trained in the center as well.

The goal is to build the youth center by the end of 2020 in such a way that it can support itself independently from foreign donations from 2021 onwards. For this purpose, a three-year plan is made up.

First year: building structures
Necessary repairs should be made to the existing building. Meanwhile the training of coaches for sports as well as the one for English teachers begins. At the same time the center will be furnished with the required sports equipment.

Second year: expansion of the network
The aim of the second year is to increase the awareness training of the center in order to reach more people.

Third year: strengthening self-governemt
During the third year, the handing over begins – measures are taken to enable future self-management and open additional income streams, such as selling produced goods.

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São Laurenço, Brazil