Small School Turns Big

Blue Bell Kindergarten, Mtwapa, Kenya

The project has existed since 2005 and has been a part of the help alliance support program since 2006. The Blue Bell Kindergarten was founded in May 2005 by the teacher and present Headmaster Grace Mutunga. It is a private full-time educational and care institution.

Among other things, we need your donation for investments in construction and furnishings of the classrooms, the sanitary facilities, as well as the school kitchen where meals for the children are prepared, and also for swimming lessons.

11 persons work in this project: 5 kindergarten teachers, 5 teachers and 1 cook. 270 children aged 1-13 years are looked after and instructed. The children are subdivided into 5 kindergarten and preschool groups and 5 elementary classes. The 6th elementary class was established in January of 2014. Elementary school ends in Kenya after the 8th grade.

Project Location

Mtwapa, Kenya

Ukunda, Kenia

Project Coordinator

Blue Bell Kindergarten, Kenya

Birgit Rusche, Germany

Birgit Rusche

Details & Successes

Blue Bell Kindergarten, Mtwapa, Kenya

The aim of this project is to give as many children as possible in a poor and criminalized suburb of Mombasa access to education.

A further long-term aim for the school is to be able to bear all costs itself.

The lessons are based on the state curriculum and are taught by qualified teachers.

The school is certified and regularly tested by the responsible authorities of the Ministry of Education.

In 2006 46 children aged between 2 and 8 attended a room in a church and were taught by 2 teachers and with no school equipment at all.

The school has been supported by help alliance since 2006. The first step was to rent an own plot of land in December 2007.

Now there are 3 buildings on the plot. The 2-story house has 8 classrooms. Furthermore there is a kitchen, 2 big rainwater tanks, toilets and a small schoolyard with a swing. Today 258 children are attending the school.

In 2015 the stairs and the flooring of 8 classrooms were modernised and 2 additional toilets were built.

The Blue Bell School is the only school in this area, which offers free of charge swimming lessons for the children and teachers. This is financed through donations. The swimming lessons will be able to continue until 2018.

The success of these lessons and the dedication of the trainer lead to the kickoff of the C.A.R.T. project in 2015.

After 2 applications (2006 and 2013) and the start of the C.A.R.T. project (2015) a new project request was approved in April 2016.

The purchase and installation of a larger toilet tank, the painting of the school after the renovation work last year and school equipment will be supported by help alliance.

Facts & Figures

Blue Bell Kindergarten

Project Coordinator

Blue Bell Kindergarten, Kenya

Kerstin Auersch, Germany

Kerstin Auersch

Project Coordinator

Blue Bell Kindergarten, Kenya

Grace Mutunga, Kenya

Birgit and Kerstin


Blue Bell Kindergarten, Kenya