Stable Help for Stable Women

Abèni, Benin

The project is excisting since the foundation of help alliance in 1999.

Abèni is named after Hildegard Humpert’s deceased foster daughter. Currently 13 girls are enrolled in the school, 10 girls are participating in the vocational training and three girls and one boy are studying at university.
Living in the boarding house enables the girls to go to school in the city or teaches them how to become a seamstress in the attached training center.

14 persons are working within this project, including the director, substitute director, teachers and watchmen for day and night.

We need your donation among other things for school fees, teachers’ salaries and school supplies.

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Abèni, Benin

Frankfurter Sparkasse 1822
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Project Coordinator

Abèni, Benin

Hildegard Humpert, Germany


Details & Successes

Abèni, Benin

Abèni aims to strengthen a strong female segment of the community and providing help for all women seeking a self-determined, independent and autonomous lifestyle. This is especially important for women in the North of Benin and Djougou because society there is determined by patriarchal family traditions.

After their graduation, eight young women and one man are currently pursuing higher education.

Some of the Abèni women already opened their own tailor workshops and offering education for other young women themselves.

Materialistically the project’s greatest success was the establishment of a boarding house, as well as the construction and complete establishment of a tailor studio.

In future expandations of the project are planned, so that more education in employment fields like Medicine, Gastronomy, the hotel business or tourism can be provided.
However some of these employment fields are considererd inappropriate for women in this area. Even working as a female hair dresser in Djougou is objectionable.

This is the reason why the project wants to highlight the importance of the female segment in society, as women greatly impact the socio-cultural structure of the families, as well as the country.

Facts & Figures

Project Coordinator

Abèni, Benin

Noua Dhyne Moustapha, Benin

Noua Dhyne

Project Location

Djougou, Benin