Catch-up School for refugees

Azraq, Jordan

This project became part of help alliance in 2016.

The project aims to offer education to children living in refugee-camps in Jordan. This provides a daily routine to the traumatized refugees, gives partly back a normal life to them and prevents relapsing with their education. Having a basic education will empower the children to find a Job in Jordan or Syria or attend university.

Over 4,000 children are living in the refugee camps around Azraq. However the Catch-up School only offers space for 100 of them.  Due to the high demand the school decided to build an additional building. To support this help alliance is building an IT Room for the new School.

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Azraq, Jordan

Frankfurter Sparkasse 1822
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Project Coordinator

Azraq, Jordan

Christine Loos, Jordan


Details & Successes

Catch-up School, Azraq, Jordan

More than 4.000 children and young people are living in the refugee camps around Azraq. During the last year the Catch-up School offered education for those who cannot attend public schools due to capacity reasons or because their education level is too low after beeing absent from school for a long period. Through offering access to education more stability will be given back to the children and their chances of having a self-determined life later on will rise.

Currently 100 children are attending Azraq school and some of them were able to switch to a Jordanian school. However since there are even more children needing help, it is only possible for those Syrian children to visit this school during afternoon while continuing to visit Azraq Catch Up school in the morning.

The 6 to 15 year old pupils receive daily education according to the Jordanian and Syrian curriculum, as it is not clear which school curriculum the children will have to follow in the future. Therefore the children receive preperation for both school systems.

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Azraq, Jordanien

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Azraq, Jordan