A Home for Street Children

Acción Humana, San Francisco de Yojoa, Honduras

The project was founded in 1994 and became part of help alliance in 2015.

Since the beginning, this project has been supporting street children in Honduras. In 2000, the project began with the construction of a children’s village, which became a permanent home for around 70 street children.Unfortunately, the water supply has been very irregular for some time and the quality of the water deteriorates drastically. Especially in the wake of storms the water gets very polluted or there is no water at all. Therefore, we need  your donations to finance building a well to provide the orphanage with constant clean water.

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Acción Humana, Honduras

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Project Coordinator

Acción Humana, Honduras

Michael Langer, Germany

Michael Langer

Details & Successes

Acción Humana, San Francisco de Yojoa, Honduras

The project was founded to give street children, especially orphans, a perspective. In the short term, the children are taken off the streets and find a new home and in the long term thru education and schooling they are given the chance to live an independent life in the future.

There are currently around 70 boys in the children’s village, for which Acción Humana has full parental rights. In addition, Acción Humana supports 50 girls through scholarships. The surrounding population can also use the training facilities located in the children’s village.

But the supply of the children’s village with water is very irregular and especially after storms the water is so polluted that it can no longer be used or the water pipes remain completely dry. In order to be independent of the public water supply, a well is being built in the children’s village this year.

In 2015 we helped with urgently necessary construction measures. The temperatures in the dormitories, covered with metal roofs, heated up to 45 ° C during the day, and the temperature was still at 30 ° C during the night. Due to a special insulation of the roofs the temperatures are now around 25 ° C during the day and at night only 20-22 ° C.

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Project Location

San Francisco de Yojoa, Honduras