A new life for girls with experience of violence

Chignahuapan, Puebla, Mexico

The project became part of help alliance in 2018.

The migration to Mexico’s capital city by girls and young women within Mexico or other Latin American poses a great risks to them. Quite often they’re homeless, living on the streets or bacame victims of violence at a young age. Even beeing catched by human traffickers is possible. These young women are often malnourished and have left school early. Child labor (partly unpaid) is common in this target group as well. In order to guarantee a long lasting liberation from their situation, they need special support.

Therefore, in 2018, in cooperation with our project partner plans for the construction of a new therapy center for up to 75 young girls are made. To finance this project we need your donation.

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Project Coordinator

Paul Majeran, Mexico



Details & Successes


The project is divided in two steps.
First the existing farm will be set up so that 20 girls can stay for a long term. At the same time the girls will start to move in gradually. Five of them have already been accepted. By the end of 2018, all 20 home positions should be in use.
The project staff is already trained and prepared.

In order to provide agricultural trainings and secure a proportionate self-sufficiency at the same moment, small animals have already been bought. Also parts of the area have been planted with vegetables and fruits.

During the second step, two additional buildings will be constructed in order to serve as a home for these 20 girls. As a result, the gained space at the farm house could be used for therapy and trainings. So up to 50 additional spaces will be available for new girls, who will only stay at the Farm during the day and return back home in the evening.