Mariam Meletti

Project Coordinator Brazil: Vocational training for talented chefs

I work in the local marketing for Lufthansa in Sao Paulo, Brazil and I had led some internal local charity projects before. We then then decided we wanted to do a sustainable and long-term project, using the synergies and core business of the Lufthansa Group companies in Sao Paulo and also giving colleagues the chance to act as volunteers. Based on that we connected with other group companies and we decided to partner with Escola Natasha. For me, it is extremely important to see that my employer and I share the same values. What I saw in this project in cooperation with help alliance and our local management was a real interest in changing the future of people in a lasting way. That makes me very proud of my work in the Lufthansa Group and motivates me a lot.

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Mariam Meletti, part of help alliance since 2018.


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