Lars Heurich

Captain and First Officer, A320, Lufthansa Passage Airline

Staying true to our motto: “Two pilots, One Idea,” we went to Hawaii to take part in the Ironman and Ultraman there and ended up swimming, biking, and running a total of 741.4 km. The notion of our sport “make a difference” and do good has been the driving force of our campaign and we have therefore offered our race kilometers as donations. Together, we were able to accumulate a total of more than 38,000 € to construct a solar water pump in Gambia and has allowed people in the area easier access to clean water.

A visit to the project in Gambia convinced me to continue using my sport for good causes. Therefore, I decided to run on August 15th and 16th 2015 160 km and raised money for a micro finance programm for young entrepreneurs in Ghana.

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Lars Heurich, a part the help alliance since 2013