Gisela Vöcking-McConney

Project Coordinator Kenya: Holistic education for children

Gisela Vöcking-McConney met the Freundeskreis Ostafrikahilfe (Friends of East Africa Aid) at work, so to speak, as she is a flight attendant for Condor. She of course appreciated the work of the group’s health and medical projects, but what really motivated her to get involved was school project St. Joseph’s Home of Hope in Mombasa, a project which is supervised by Carol Karuri-Bockle.

Since 2011, she has joined forces with Heinz Erhard to work towards developing the polytechnic institute, a project which Carol has long since developed.

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Gisela Vöcking-McConney, a part of the help alliance since 2011


My Supported Project

Ukunda, Kenia