Lufthansa Seeheim donates €20,000 to help alliance

The donations have been collected in the fundraising campaign “3  good reasons” of the conference hotel

Under the motto  “Acting sustainable and doing good”, the conference hotel Lufthansa Seeheim launched a fundraising campaign in 2018 called “3 good reasons”. Lufthansa Seeheim will donate three euros per room to the help alliance for every guest who refrains from a room cleaning during a stay of several days. 

It is quite simple to participate in the campaign of Lufthansa Seeheim: Every guest who has booked longer than one night in the conference hotel can fill out a form lying in the room on request. In doing so, they indicate that they do not wish to have their rooms cleaned. The decision about participation or non-participation is individual and possible per day.

The two managing directors of Lufthansa Seehheim, Dirk Schwarze and Katharine Schnelting-Anslinger, handed over the donation cheque of over 20.556 € to Andrea Pernkopf, managing director of help alliance.

The initiative “3 good reasons” was launched in a pilot project in 2018, as feedback from guests had shown that daily cleaning was often considered neither necessary nor sustainable. The fundraising campaign proved to be a great success. While in the first year a total of €5,000 was collected for the help alliance, in 2019 the total amount of €20,556 could be collected. The donation cheque was handed over on 11 February 2020 by the two managing directors of Lufthansa Seeheim, Dirk Schwarze and Katharine Schnelting-Anslinger to Andrea Pernkopf, managing director of help alliance.

The name of the campaign “3 good reasons” is taken literally: the chance to do good, to financially support the help alliance through donations with its worldwide projects and the resulting sustainable action are the three reasons mentioned. The help alliance, as the Lufthansa Group`s aid organization, supports over 50 projects in Africa, Asia, Latin and South America as well as in Europe. The projects of the non-profit GmbH are financed exclusively through donations and are supervised by Lufthansa employees on a voluntary basis.