Launch of #helpallianceLIVE 

As the kick-off of the new, digital discussion format, project leaders and project partners talk about the impact of Corona on developing countries

At the core of help alliance are the employees who volunteer as project managers in various projects all over the world. Before the Corona crisis, personal exchange with them was possible at any time, wether as a colleague in the office or as a passenger on a plane. The current situation however makes it difficult to stay informed about the work of help alliance and to be close to the projects.

To face this challenge, help alliance introduces the new and digital format #helpallianceLIVE. help alliance project managers, representatives of other aid organizations and experts will inform and discuss about current topics in help alliance projects and in general in the field of international development cooperation. The first edition of the digital panel discussion #helpallianceLIVE on May 27, 2020 will focus on the impact of Corona on developing countries.

In the Video: Mohamed Attaallah about #helpallianceLIVE

#helpallianceLIVE on 05/27/20 – 5:00 p.m.

Be part of the first #helpalianceLIVE on Wednesday, 27. May 2020 at 5 pm! You can ask the guests questions via chat function and thus actively participate in the discussion. You can find the video stream via the following link:

The discussion will be held in English, but questions can also be submitted in German. Afterwards we provide a video-record of #helpallianceLIVE with German subtitles here.

The Corona crisis is confronting people all over the world with unprecedented challenges. In addition to the health risks of Covid-19, measures to contain the spread of the virus have many serious economic implications, especially on low-income countries. The consequences of the ongoing and sometimes intensified “lock-downs” are devastating for millions of people in need. Many need to go out to work to feed themselves and their families. For them staying at home means living without any income at all.

  • How do the measures against the spreading of Covid-19 change the life in developing countries and what economic and social impact does the current crisis have on these countries?
  • How can local communities solve these new problems?
  • What are the key learnings for future development cooperation and how can we apply these to help others in developing countries?

The following guests will inform and discuss these questions: