Inflight Shopping helps children in India

Lufthansa donates one euro for each purchase on board to help alliance project

Lufthansa passengers can now not only treat themselves but also do good to others if they buy something on board. Lufthansa is donating one euro for each purchase on board to the “India Sponsorship Group” project of the Lufthansa aid organization help alliance. Twenty times in-flight shopping are already enabling a child to attend boarding school for one month. Passengers can choose from around 200 products in the areas of jewellery, cosmetics, entertainment, toys and gifts.

The aid project

Madhya Pradesh is one of the poorest areas in the world. The 20 boarding schools in the project, spread over an area of 24,500 square kilometres in areas that are sometimes difficult to access, now house more than 2,000 children of all ages, ethnic minorities and denominations. Boardings (boarding schools) provide them with full-fledged meals, clothing, medical care and school education. In addition, health camps are being held so that residents of remote villages also have access to medical care. For this purpose, hygiene and first aid training courses are held on site, obstetricians are trained and the extremely high mortality rate during pregnancies and births is significantly reduced.