“I did not hesitate to engage”

Paul Majeran, Managing Director LGBS Mexico and help alliance project coordinator speaks about his engagement for young women that have experienced violence in Mexico

Paul, more than 500,000 euros have been raised at the RTL donation marathon for the project you coordinate. What will the money be used for exactly?

Well, first of all we are very grateful for this generous donation – with that we can really achieve something and build the therapy center for the girls that have lived their lives under big risks so far. The project is divided in two steps: First, the existing farm will be set up so that 20 girls can stay for a long term. At the same time the girls will start to move in gradually. Five of them have already been accepted. By the end of 2019, all 20 girls can move in. The project staff is already trained and prepared. In order to provide agricultural trainings and secure proportionate self-sufficiency at the same moment, small animals have already been bought. Also, parts of the area have been planted with vegetables and fruits. We really want to make this a haven for the girls and give them a place where they feel safe.
During the second step, two additional buildings will be constructed in order to serve as a home for these 20 girls. As a result, the gained space at the farm house could be used for therapy and trainings. So up to 50 additional spaces will be available for new girls, who will only stay at the farm during the day and return back home in the evening. The construction work for phase two has already started, and the inauguration of the two new buildings is planned for the last quarter of 2019.
At the same time, employees of Lufthansa Group companies in Mexico have started various engagement activities, supporting the girls and the project.

That sounds impressive! Tell us something about your motivation to dedicate time and passion.
My first engagement with a help alliance supported project dates actually more than five years back. At that time, I was responsible for the LGBS operations in Thailand. Together with the LGBS team, we started to engage in supporting a facility for homeless children from very difficult backgrounds in Pattaya. Over three years, we have seen the facility grow and its positive impact on the children. This experience was very rewarding and enriching for the team and for myself alike. So when I arrived in Mexico and learned about the idea to gain support for the girls home in Chignahuapan, knowing at the same time that especially in this country girls and women are disproportionally victims of crime, violence and discrimination, I did not hesitate to engage. It is fair to say that we are talking by now about a team engagement of numerous colleagues from several companies of the Lufthansa Group in Mexico.

Sounds like a great team spirit you created there. What would you like to tell your colleagues who are thinking about having their own project supported by the help alliance?
Get started with a good idea, which ideally should point in the direction of creating long-term opportunities or ensuring education and training for disadvantaged people locally. Make sure that it becomes a team engagement quickly, involve from the outset as many colleagues, friends, family members as possible. You will be positively surprised about the impact you will create by teaming up with help alliance.

Thank you for talking to us!

*Editor’s note: the amount on the cheque shows only a part of the payment, RTL donated more than 500.000€ in total.