Safe house in Johannesburg an example of successful development cooperation

Every month the ONE magazine is published for around 120,000 employees of the Lufthansa Group. In the current issue, ONE deals with the topic of #Help. How, where and above all why does the company help? It goes without saying that help alliance, the charitable organisation of the Lufthansa Group, plays a central role.

Colleagues of Axel Springer, who support the contributors of internal communication with their editorial work, flew to Johannesburg for the cover story of June’s issue and visited Lufthansa’s Michaela Lederer at the help alliance project there. “In a safe house in South Africa in which young people find refuge, we met some remarkable individuals: Those that help, and those who are being helped. Help is not a one-way street”, as it says in the magazine’s editorial.

The result is a wonderfully emotional story which also puts the excellent project work into the overall context of the development cooperation.

But why don’t you read it for yourself…