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Salim und Simran, who are part of the help alliance project “Hope for Slum Children” in Dehradun in India, shared their stories with us

The project in Dehradun is part of help alliance since 2015 and aims to give street children a new perspective in life by offering educational programmes. It has brought out stories of people that were able to overcome tough life circumstances. Two of these are the stories of Salim and Simran.

Simran and her passion for education

Simran is a young girl that lives in one of the unorganized settlements of Dehradun along with her family. As the struggle to earn a living takes precedence, girl education is always compromised. With the help of the project she was able to attend the wings programme at the New Haven Centre. There, she has the opportunity to receive education, nutrition and medical help and is prepared for admission to a regular school. Next to fulfilling her duties as the eldest child of her family she attends the remedial classes and discovered her biggest passion: education. Her curiosity for learning and knowing things gives hope for a better tomorrow and will help her to achieve her dream of becoming a teacher one day.

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Hope for Slum Children, Dehradun

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„He has had setbacks but every time he has returned stronger than before.”

Salim is a sincere boy who has fought the burden of strained and unfortunate circumstances all his life. Born to illiterate parents he grew up dreaming about working in the medical field. Unfortunately, his father wanted him to drop out from school so he could run his father’s tea shop. After losing his sister his parental problems increased. Many counselling sessions later, Salim’s father agreed for him to enrol for a Diploma course as a medical lab technician. The monthly costs for transportation and other expenses were covered by a stipend. Currently, he is undertaking his course for the last one and a half years and also assists at one of the most renowned pathology laboratories of his home town. At the same time he is continuously looking for options to get enrolled at a local college.

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