Donation campaign “3 good reasons” by Lufthansa Seeheim

Lufthansa Seeheim will donate three euros per room to the help alliance for every guest who refrains from a room cleaning during a stay of several days.

Acting sustainably and doing good at the same time: this has been possible since September 2018 at the conference hotel Lufthansa Seeheim. Here a fundraising campaign for the help alliance was launched, which is breaking new ground. Lufthansa Seeheim will donate three euros per room to the help alliance for every guest who does not need to clean their room during a stay of several days.

Numerous feedback from the guests had already shown in the past that the daily cleaning effort was often neither considered absolutely necessary nor sustainable. “In order to take up this suggestion and use the resulting savings sensibly, we have launched the “3 Good Reasons” fundraising campaign,” says Dirk Schwarze, Managing Director of the Lufthansa Seeheim conference hotel.

Participation in the fundraising campaign is very simple: Every guest who has booked longer than one night in the conference hotel can fill out a form lying in the room on request. In doing so, they indicate that they do not wish to have their rooms cleaned. The decision about participation or non-participation is individual and possible per day.



The two managing directors of Lufthansa Seeheim, Dirk Schwarze and Katharine Schnelting-Anslinger (right), present Susanne Kotysch and Andrea Pernkopf (2nd from right), managing directors of help alliance, with the donation cheque of over €5,000.

The chance to do good and to financially support the help alliance through donations with their worldwide projects are two of three good reasons. The resulting sustainable action is reason number three.

“We are very pleased that this initiative has been so well received by our guests and that we have been able to hand over a proud amount to the help alliance after only a few months”, says Katharine Schnelting-Anslinger, Managing Director of Lufthansa Seeheim.

The initiative of Lufthansa Seeheim is in good company: “From colleagues who fundraise at a sports event or use a private celebration to receive donations for us instead of gifts – our colleagues are incredibly creative and we are always fascinated by the commitment that comes from the heart. It would be great if other areas could also take an example from Lufthansa Seeheim’s successful campaign and become active in their own team or financially support one of our numerous projects. Doing good can be so easy,” says Andrea Pernkopf, one of the two managing directors of the help alliance.

The pilot project came to an end at the end of 2018 with an initial donation of over 5,000 euros. It is planned to continue the initiative throughout 2019.

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